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Ryan Restorations

let's restore it!

Who We Are

Ryan Restorations are craftspeople that specialize in Historical Building Restorations and Preservation. Our team has a WIDE range of talents giving us the ability to tackle just about ANY "Old House Project" from foundation to the shingles. We pride ourselves on the finished product and our clients absolute satisfaction. These old buildings need a specialized touch and for that you should choose us!


Are you an Old House Person?

“Old House People”

Term (ōld hous ˈpēpəl)

1. A term used to describe people that love and/or live in old houses.

2. In a sentence: “Old House People have great taste and are generally very witty”

Old House People know all about window glazing, sash cords, floor refinishing, scraping and sanding, painting and staining; but most of all they’re passionate about old buildings and love them for their character, charm, and history.

Ryan Restorations are Old House People too and if you've got a project that needs any restorations or repairs; we would love to hear from you to see how we can help. Due to the extensive nature of some restorations and personal investment to our clients satisfaction we unfortunately cannot get to everyone that requests service. However,  please still request a consultation or estimate and we will do everything we can to get you on the schedule!

Exterior & Interior Repair & Restorations - Wood Windows - Door Restoration & Repair - Floor Refinishing - Paint & Finishes


"Ryan is the ultimate professional. I found him to be knowledgeable, courteous, attentive, and most importantly someone who takes pride in his work. I am in love with my 125 year old floors that Ryan refinished for me. I hired him to do my entire downstairs (1000 sq ft) and they came out absolutely beautiful"

The 1896 House (Owner)

Mary Jo DeMay Corsaro

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